This is just so great, I don't know how to describe it. Is it great because it's awful, or is it great because it takes awfulness and makes you smile, or because???

FYI 04-02-07 17:49

!@#$ youtube! Trying again in the morning...
Love the sinner, hate the sin:

Dear Catholic Pro-Life movement,

Floating baby heads are disturbing and weird. I don't think they make your point very well. Unless you wanted me to thinkof that disturbing description of a D and X procedure I once read. Ew.

Anyhow, sack that designer. Yesterday.
Sorry I don't update much 03-16-07 22:56
Things have been cuhrayyyzeee.

I am addicted to this game:

Can you name all 192 UN members in 10 minutes or less?

I hit a wall at 30 remaining and now I have hit a wall at 10 remaining. I have a major blank spot where Brunei and Fiji should be. It took me I don't know how many rounds to get Saint Lucia and Tonga. Burkina Faso and Kiribati took a while too. But eventually, I will conquer this feat of memory. After all, my brother and I cut our teeth on Carmen Sandiego.
But what does it mean??? 01-29-07 20:10

Any guesses?
awesomeness is tiring 01-28-07 20:08
I've started making a week's worth of tasty snacks each Sunday night. Tonight I have produced a massive batch of hummus, a medium batch of tabouli, and have yogurt draining for a double batch of tzatziki.

Tabouli is really a bear, all that parsley mincing. But bulgar is so awesome.

Tzatziki is gratifying if you enjoy watching food items become drained of their water content. First the yogurt, then the cucumber.

If you look up recipes for tzatziki online, triple the garlic. It's supposed to be a garlic sauce but the US recipes all make it a yogurt sauce with optional traces of garlic.

Next up: big old pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup. Go me.
I accuse you, VH1 01-25-07 21:53
"We love the 80s." No, it's just that your target audience can't remember the 80s. There's a difference. Anyhow, thanks to you and your glorification of the Reagan area, fugly is officially the new trendy. See the following evidence found on Lane Bryant's website:

This reminds me of the wallpaper of a smoke-laden pizza parlor circa 1983:

Ooh let's get wild and crazy and sexxxxxxxxxxxeeeeeee...ugh:

Remember when it was trendy to dress like a member of a really dorky marching band?

Is that a Sears poncho?

I am pretty sure my mom wore this to a job interview in 1986:

My dad probably would have bought this for her in 1985...and then it would have sat in her closet becoming moldy until they transferred it into the storage abyss in my brother's room:

And probably they would have bought this for me when I was about 8, thinking it looked "so neat" and "Russian":

Come on VH1, what is there to glorify about the decade that inspired this?

Finally I bring you the inexplicable.

You know, Lane Bryant is for plus sized ladies. Not that these shirts would look good on anyone, but do you really think women trying to flatter a rounder belly want to be wearing cropped sweater vests over XXXXXXXXXL rayon tents?

Last but not least, I bring you...

The overbra. For when underwear isn't all that's there. For when you are afraid of nipple-attacking birds of prey. For when you want to look like a halfassed "dykes on bikes" wannabe. For when just wearing a shirt just won't cut it.

And it's acid washed. Damn you, 80sphiles.
Yurts again?????? 01-12-07 14:07

Someone is building this in our neighborhood. What do you make of it?
Radical syncretism 01-10-07 16:36
If I had to give my religious philosophy a name, that's what it would be. Some folks call it paradigm piracy, but I usually am nicer than the average pirate about visiting your ship and sharing a meal.

The other night I had a dream about Jesus hanging from Yggdrasil receiving the runes. If that makes total sense to you, awesome.

I think the world would be a better place if we could all basically engage in a personal version of radical syncretism.

I have pictures to post later. Hold me to it!
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